Registered with Govt of India. Registration Number: 05AEDFS6532CIZC

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Our Students

We always remind our students that a teacher can give them the tools for education but it's up to them how to use them and enhance their capabilities and powers.

Our Respected Coaches


Rohit Dhyani

(Founder and Coach of
Jashn e Virsa Group)


Garima Suri

(Graduated in
Classical Dance)


Arshleen Kaur

(Bhangra Instructor At

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help members to know that everybody can Dance. It's the drive and passion that make you a Dancer. To help member understand that talent and effort are nothing without focus and determination.

Our vision

Our vision is to help members to enhance equality of life through arts and help members to know how they should do with their fullest potentials.